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Wireless Age (01:07) April 1914

J. Andrew White, editor

"While the seas were threatening to demolish the Red Cross liner City of Sydney, which ran on the Sambro Rocks twenty-five miles east of Halifax, N. S., on March 17, wireless messages brought the tug Rosemary and other vessels to the rescue of those on the stranded craft. Altogether fifty-three persons were taken from the ship and landed at Halifax. The vessel, which carries a cargo valued at $300,000, will be a total loss."
The Wireless Age was one of the earliest radio communication magazines, running monthly from 1913 to 1930. It was initially published by the Marconi Publishing Corporation, with early mastheads listing it as “incorporating the Marconigraph.” By 1920 it was being published by Wireless Press, Inc., in New York, London, and Sydney. Major J. Andrew White was the magazine’s founder and editor and played significant roles in early radio history himself. In 1921 he became America’s first sportscaster when he broadcast the Dempsey-Carpentier fight. The popularity of the groundbreaking broadcast spurred the development of radio stations and the sale of receivers to the public. After the fight he was hired as the station manager for RCA’s WDY station in New Rochelle, NJ and later moved to their WJZ station in White Plains, NY. In 1924, he broadcast the first presidential nominating conventions for RCA: for the Republicans in Cleveland and then in New York for the Democrats. Eventually he moved to the CBS network upon its creation.
Contents of this Issue:
  • The Radio Review
  • Marconi Wins Sweeping Victory in Patent Suits
  • Setting the Clocks of the World by Wireless Telegraphy
  • How to Conduct a Radio Club (E.E. Butcher) Article III
  • The King of Italy Entertains Mr. Marconi
  • Medical Advice by Wireless
  • Little Bonanza. A Serial Fiction Story (William Wallace Cook) Chapter XI – end.
  • Research Work at Columbia
  • Plan a Wireless Research Laboratory
  • The Rescue of the Sydney’s Passengers and Crew
  • Some Recent Marconi Sets (Roy A. Weagant)
  • The Navy Changes Its Plans
  • Dr. Mawson Weds
  • Memorial Service for Ferdinand J. Kuehn
  • Marconi Set at Reporters’ Dinner
  • Operator Violates the Law
  • The Engineering Measurements of Radio Telegraphy. Article VII (Alfred N. Goldsmith, Ph.D)
  • The Wales Link in the Marconi Chain
  • Forty Stations in the Philippines
  • The Share Market
  • Yachtsmen to Learn SOS
  • Is the Game Worth While? (Frederick A. Klingenschmitt)
  • Direction Finders on United Fruit Boats
  • Vessels More Easily Located
  • Supplement to Station List
  • New Marconi Equipments
  • Institute of Radio Engineers
  • Government Penalizes an Amateur
  • Service Items
  • Marconi Wireless and the Storm
  • The Commissioner of Navigation
  • The Roma Runs Ashore in a Snow Storm
  • Latest Views of the Marconi Trans-Ocanic Stations
  • From and For Those Who Help Themselves
  • The Lundin Life-Boat
  • Comment and Criticism
  • An Amateur’s Tower
  • The Sayville Station
  • Queries Answered

Marconi Publishing Company, Inc.
Editor: J. Andrew White
Issue: Volume 1: Number 7; May 1914
Pages: 96
6-1/2″ x 9-3/4″
Digital edition © 2006 Curtis Philips. All Rights Reserved.

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