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The Radio Girls on the Program

Margaret Penrose

"The nose of the plane continued to slant downward. The girls screamed again, for a wing of the plane struck the roof of the tower to which the farther end of the radio aerial was fastened. "He'll be killed!" shrieked Jessie. The plane seemed about to turn turtle. It crashed against the radio antenna and tore it from its fastenings. Then with a deafening crash the machine landed on the lawn, utterly wrecking one of the big rose gardens."

The Radio Girls on the Program; or Singing and Reciting at the Sending Station is the second book in the Radio Girls series. Jessie Norwood and Amy Drew have adventures involving the new phenomenon of radio in this 1920s series. In this story Jessie and Amy progress from building their own radio to meeting a radio broadcaster who invites them to perform from a radio broadcast studio for a local charity.

In the early 1920s, when radio was just about the most amazing invention to date, girls weren’t left out of the excitement. While there were two main Radio Boys series, one published by Grosset & Dunlap and the other by A.L. Burt, Cupples & Leon published the Radio Girls series, one of the many Stratemeyer Syndicate series. They were written under the pseudonym of Margaret Penrose, a name used for other series as well. Although there were only four books in the original series, they were well-written and show the girls as strong and adventurous. The books were later reissued in 1930 by Goldsmith Publishing as part of the much larger Campfire Girls series.

Book publisher: Cupples & Leon Company, New York
Book copyright:
Book edition: First edition, unknown printing
Pages: 202 (210 bound pages)
Size: 5″ x 7-5/8″
Dust jacket: None
Illustrations: Glossy frontispiece by Thelma Gooch
Back matter: 10 pages of ads for Cupples & Leon book series
Digital edition © 2006 Curtis Philips. All Rights Reserved.

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