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Radio News (01:05) November 1919

Hugo Gernsback, editor

"The ether is free once more for transmitting to the American amateur. While the Government has consented towards the lifting of the ban, It should be understood by all that this is at best only a transitory stage. By this we mean that indications point to the fact that it may not be permanent. There are several bills before Congress now, all seeking regulations or modifications of radio, particularly of radio transmission. This, of course, means radio telegraphy as well as radio telephony."
This fifth issue of Radio Amateur News is from November 1919. The cover art is “Local Forecast: Stormy.” The issue includes two essays, by Greenleaf W. Pickard and Lee De Forest, arguing against government control of radio, and a similar editorial by Hugo Gernsback, plus two articles on aspects of the Audion tube, and an article on the production of bakelite.
Contents of this Issue:
  • Editorial: Our Freedom of the Ether (H. Gernsback)
  • Audio-Frequency Wireless Telephone (Edward T. Jones)
  • The Eaton Oscillator and Eaton Circuit Driver (William H. Priess)
  • Constant Impedance Audibility Meter (Walter J. Henry)
  • The Three-Electrode Thermionic Vacuum Tube and the Revolution in Wireless Telegraphy (Prof. W.H. Eccles)
  • “Why I Am Opposed to Government Radio Control” (Lee de Forest)
  • “Why I Am Opposed to Government Radio Control” (Greenleaf W. Pickard)
  • Underwater Submarine Telegraphy
  • Developing an Audion for the Amateur (E.T. Jones)
  • Destruction of the Brussells Radio Station in 1914, by an Eyewitness (Henry M. de Gallaix)
  • Amateur Licenses
  • 170-25000 Meter Receptor for all Types of Radio Communication (Francis R. Pray)
  • Awards of $100 Radio Prize Contest
  • The Radio Constructor: A Damped and Undamped Receiver (R.M. Hendricks)
  • The Construction of a Receiving Cabinet of Latest Design (Palmer H. Craig)
  • San Diego, Cal., from London (Alexis J. Hall)
  • How Manufacturers Work “Formica” and “Bakelite” (J. Stanley Brown)
  • Improved “B” Battery Construction (Joesph G. Reed)
  • Practical Suggestions on Oscillating Audion Circuits (C.C. Henry)
  • Ideas–Second Spasm (Thomas W. Benson)
  • Practical Method for Instructing Code and Tuning
  • “Notes on Crystal Detectors” (C.H. Biron)
  • Increasing the Secondary Voltage of Your Transformer (F.E. Terman)
  • Some Valuable Tips Worth Trying (J.W.F. Chipman)
  • Your “Fist” (C.H. Pfeifer)
  • Radio Digest
  • With the Amateurs
  • Local Forecast–Stormy (Dorothy Kantro)
  • The Third Pill (J.K. Henney)
  • Club Gossip
  • Junior Section: Lesson 3 The Condenser and Its Use
  • New Radio Patents
  • I Want To Know
  • Opportunity Ad-Lets

Experimenter Publishing Company, Inc.
Editor: Hugo Gernsback
Issue: Volume 1: Number 5; November 1919
Pages: 56
Size: 9″ x 12″
Digital edition © 2011 Curtis Philips. All Rights Reserved.

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