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QST (04:10) May 1921

Kenneth B. Warner, editor

"There is no doubt that C.W. is the coming thing in the amateur world. It fills every need as regards the law, and, when considered as a whole, is a great deal cheaper and more satisfactory than the spark system. The number of C.W. stations going at this time is truly amazing, and the work that they do is even more so. Thanks to a well known concern, a very practical little power tube has been put on the market at a very low price. The thought of paying some hundreds of dollars for a high power tube has kept many away from this new art."
This is an early issue of QST magazine from May 1915. QST is the official magazine of amateur radio’s American Radio Relay League (A.R.R.L.). The League was organized in the Spring of 1914 and QST began publishing in 1915. The magazine still serves radio amateurs today, over 100 years later, with a monthly circulation over 150,000. This issue has an early article that attempts to bring science to the art of antenna design, news from around the world on radio’s developments including government’s new involvement in regulating amateur radio, club news, and equipment ads.
Contents of this Issue:
  • The Antenna (John C. Stroebel, Jr.)
  • Breaking Out (M. Adaire Garmhausen)
  • The $100 C.W. Set (K.B. Warner)
  • Performance of January QSS Recorders
  • Failure of the Transatlantic Tests
  • Amateur Radio Recovers a Stolen Auto
  • Transcon Dope
  • The Washington’s Birthday Relay
  • A Novel Method of Measuring Distributed Capacity
  • March Station Reports
  • The Resonant Converter (Walter S. Lemmon)
  • C.W. for the Amateur (Franklin S. Huddy, 1II)
  • The Chicago Plan (R.H.G. Mathews)
  • The CQ Hound (7KX)
  • Editorials
  • The Operating Department
  • Who’s Who in Amateur Wireless
  • Amateur Radio Stations
  • Calls Heard
  • With the Affiliated Clubs
  • “Strays”
  • Radio Communications by the Amateurs
  • An Amateur’s Idea of Paradise (Cartoon de Hoffman)
  • Classified Advertisements
  • QST’s Index of Advertisers

American Radio Relay League, Inc.
Editor: Kenneth B. Warner
Issue: Volume 4: Number 10; May 1921
Pages: 124
Size: 6-1/2″ x 9-3/4″
Digital edition © 2006 Curtis Philips. All Rights Reserved

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