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The House of a Thousand Candles

Meredith Nicholson

"As she walked out before him my eyes followed her -- the erect figure, free and graceful, but with a charming dignity and poise, and the gold of her fair hair glinting under her black toque. Her eyes, as she turned them full upon me, were the saddest, loveliest eyes I had ever seen, and even in that brilliant, crowded room I felt their spell. They were fixed in my memory indelibly -- mournful, dreamy and wistful."

The House of a Thousand Candles was written by Meredith Nicholson and published in 1905. This edition includes four photographic plates from a photoplay adaptation of the novel. The story combines mystery, romance, and suspense as the protagonist inherits his late grandfather’s estate, but with strange preconditions attached. The action takes place in rural Indiana, the birthplace of the author and a frequent locale of his novels. Nicholson wrote steadily from 1891 to 1928, including three bestsellers: this title,  The Port of Missing Men, and A Hoosier Chronicle. In 1928 he moved into Democratic Party politics as Minister to Paraguay, Venezuela, and then Nicaragua, all appointments by Franklin Roosevelt. He died in 1947 at the age of 81.

Book publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
Book copyright: 1905
Book edition: November, The Bobbs-Merrill Company
Pages: 382
Size: 5″ x 7-5/8″
Dust jacket: No
Illustrations: frontispiece and three internal plates
Back matter: book list
Digital edition © 2017, 2021 Curtis Philips. All Rights Reserved.

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