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Electrical Experimenter (04:04) August 1916

Hugo Gernsback, editor

"Liberty Enlightening the World was truly a goddess of light on the night of May 31st when for fifty minutes the noble bronze figure in New York Harbor stood bathed in the rays of six powerful searchlights of the United States battleship Michigan, lying a few hundred yards east of Bedloe's Island. The illumination was ordered by the Secretary of the Navy to afford an approximation of the effect that will be produced by the permanent lighting of the statue."
The cover story for the August 1916 issue of Electrical Experimenter is “Electricity Lighting Liberty” concerning plans to light the Statue of Liberty, which was still unelectrified in 1916. There are also several radio articles and a short fiction story.

  • Editorial: The Perversity of Things (H. Gernsback)
  • Electricity Now Rids Trees and Plants of Insects
  • Radio in N.Y. Police Preparedness
  • Putting Incandescent Lamps Thru the Third Degree
  • Edison and Brisbane Try a New Time Saver
  • The Electric Optigraph—A Short Cut to Music (B.F. Meissner)
  • An Efficient Electrical Automobile Brake
  • An Early Power Battery
  • Statue of Liberty to be Flood-Lighted
  • The Liquid Rheostat in Locomotive Service
  • $25.00 to Anyone Who Solves this Electrical Problem
  • A Machine That Demonstrates Molecular Structure in Gases
  • Those Electric Light Bills and How the Housekeeper Can Reduce Them (F.H. Sweet)
  • Electric Shocks and How to Avoid Them
  • The Marvels of Modern Physics: Electricity and Medicine (Rogers D. Rusk)
  • The “Wireless Wiz” Turns Detective (Thomas W. Benson)
  • Radio Department: The Vacuum Detector and How It Works
  • Modern Radio Receiving Apparatus (Samuel Cohen)
  • A 100 K.W. Radio Frequency Alternator
  • Long Distance Receiving With the Audion Heterodyne (A.S. Blatterman)
  • The Constructor: A Small Panel Type Radio Transmitter (M.B. Sleeper)
  • Water Wheel Drives for Private Lighting Plants (H. Winfield Secor)
  • Making a Hughes Induction Balance
  • How To Make It
  • Wrinkles Recipes Formulas
  • Experimental Chemistry, Third Lesson (Albert W. Wilsdon)
  • With the Amateurs
  • Amateur News
  • Latest Patents
  • Phoney Patents
  • Official List of Licensed Radio Amateurs Not To Appear in Annual Government Call Book Until September, 1916
  • Question Box
  • Patent Advice (H. Gernsback)
  • Scientific Exchange Columns
  • Opportunity Exchange

Experimenter Publishing Company, Inc.
Editor: Hugo Gernsback
Issue: Volume 4: Number 4; Whole No. 40; August 1916
Pages: 80
 9″ x 12″
Digital edition © 2009 Curtis Philips. All Rights Reserved.

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