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Electrical Experimenter (04:02) June 1916

Hugo Gernsback, editor

"It is interesting at this time to take note of the fact that a very complete patent on an ingenious radio control system for torpedoes, etc., was issued to Nikola Tesla in the year 1898, or over eighteen years ago. At that time the science of radio telegraphy was barely on the threshold of possibilities and illustrates how far ahead of his time this great scientist is."
This is the June 1916 issue of Electrical Experimenter. The cover story is “Dropping Aerial Bombs Thru a Cone of Light.” This issue also includes an article titled “Tesla’s Early Work With Radio Controlled Vessels” and an episode of Baron Munchhausen’s New Scientific Adventures, “Martian Amusements.”
Contents of this Issue:
  • Editorial: Ether (H. Gernsback)
  • An Auxiliary Periscope for Submarines
  • Electricity and the Weather Man (Samuel Cohen)
  • When New York City Turns On the “Juice” (H. Winfield Secor)
  • Electricity and Wireless Solve Secret Service Problems
  • Wireless Music With Your Meals (Albert Marple)
  • Dropping Aerial Bombs Thru a Cone of Light
  • Tesla’s Early Work With Radio Controlled Vessels
  • When Electricity Entered the Home (Thomas Reed)
  • The Wireless Wiz Plays War Lord (Thomas Benson)
  • Baron Munchhausen’s New Scientific Adventures: Martian Amusements (H. Gernsback)
  • Mimic Atoms and Their Experimental Formation (Eric R. Lyon)
  • The Marvels of Modern Physics (Rogers D. Rusk)
  • Radio League of America News
  • Radio Department: United States Signal Corps Use Radio In Mexico
  • High Speed Radio Telegraphy (C.V. Logwood)
  • The Constructor: A Practical Portable Wireless Set (Milton B. Sleeper)
  • How To Make It
  • Wrinkles Recipes Formulas (S. Gernsback)
  • Experimental Chemistry: Apparatus (Albert W. Wilsdon)
  • With the Amateurs
  • Official List of Licensed Radio Amateurs Not To Appear in Annual Govt. Call Book Till September 1916
  • Latest Patents
  • Phoney Patents
  • Question Box
  • Patent Advice (H. Gernsback)
  • Book Review
  • Scientific Exchange Columns
  • Opportunity Exchange

Experimenter Publishing Company, Inc.
Editor: Hugo Gernsback
Issue: Volume 4: Number 4; Whole No. 38; June 1916
Pages: 72
Size: 9″ x 12″
Digital edition © 2009 Curtis Philips. All Rights Reserved.

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