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Detective Story (40:02) May 7, 1921

Street & Smith, publishers

"When Richard Alwyn awoke to consciousness, he was lying flat upon his back on the sopping wet grass in the park. He stared up into space as dark and blank as his own mind. Recollection, exasperatingly elusive, ebbed and flowed on an uncertain tide of memory. He had met some fellows who had induced him to accompany them to a house where he had gambled and rdank more whiskies and sodas than were good for him. Where was that house located? And who were those fellows? And where had he been since he left them? For the life of him he could not remember!
This is the May 7, 1921 weekly issue of Detective Story Magazine, Vol. 40, No. 2. Detective Story Magazine is credited as the first pulp magazine devoted to detective fiction. It ran from 1915 to 1949 and produced 1057 issues featuring short stories and serialized fiction, along with short nonfiction features and regular columns. It included stories by Sax Rohmer, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, and (as in this issue) Edgar Wallace.
Contents of this Issue:
  • Classified Advertising
  • Blind Men (Edgar Wallace)
  • State Police
  • Ensnared by Truth (Charles Rideaux)
  • Connecting Links (Scott Campbell)
  • When Bud Woke Up (Christopher B. Booth)
  • Notorious Bandit Killed
  • World-Famous Robberies (John Laurence)
  • Going Down (Frederick Ames Coates)
  • Rose of Destiny (Bayard Blackford)
  • Guarding Prisoners in Uraguay
  • Taxi No. 13 (John Dent Kirkwood)
  • The Feudist’s Fear (Grover Kidwell)
  • Alleged Swindler of Emigrants is Arrested
  • Narcotics Hidden in Table
  • Headquarters Chat
  • Railroad Safety Gates Used in Holdup
  • What Handwriting Reveals
  • Expert Legal Advice (Lucile Pugh)
  • The How, When, and Where of Success (Rutherford Scott)
  • Under the Lamp (Henry A. Keller)
  • Missing Department

 Street and Smith Corporation, 1921
Editor: Frank E. Blackwell
Issue: Volume 40: Number 2; May 7, 1921
Pages: 160
Size: 6-3/4″ x 9-3/4″
Digital edition © 2011 Curtis Philips. All Rights Reserved.

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